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Prommashtekhnologiya projects and releases filters the vacuum disk.


Are intended for division of neutral and alkaline suspensions with a temperature of 2 … 60 ºС (filters in carbonaceous execution – At) and aggressive suspensions with a temperature of 2 … 95 ºС (filters in corrosion-resistant execution – To). Are applied mainly in large-capacity productions at concentrating factories of ore mining, coal and metallurgical industry.

The processed products

Iron ore concentrates, coal flotokontsentrata.


Description of a design and principle of work

The filter consists of horizontally located rotating cell shaft with the disks established on it partially shipped in a trough with the filtered suspension. The shaft leans on the bearings installed on a trough.

Each disk consists of 12 - 18 separated hollow sectors which drainage surface is fitted by filter fabric or a grid. 

On an external surface of a shaft respectively 12 - 18 channels are located.

The cavity of each sector of a disk is reported with the respective canal (cell) of a shaft. Channels come to a face surface of a shaft to which the motionless distributive head is pressed.

At rotation of a shaft sectors are consistently reported with cameras of a distributive head.

In a filtering zone the filtrate under the influence of vacuum arrives through the filtering partition in a cavity of sectors and then which through channels of a shaft and the camera is reported with the vacuum line is taken away from the filter. The firm phase is late on a partition surface, forming a deposit layer. Thus, each sector consistently passes zones: filtering, drying of a deposit, sjem of a deposit and regeneration of fabric. I will eat a deposit it is carried out by supply of compressed air to the respective canal of a shaft via the camera of a distributive head. Supply of compressed air pulse by means of the otduvka valve. Fabric regeneration by air or steam. If the filtering partition isn't hammered, a zone of regeneration don't use.

Shaft cell a progressive welded design which allows to change easily and quickly worn-out elements of pipelines (cells) of the filter.

Sectors of disks metal welded (with perforation or slot-hole) or plastic from polypropylene.

Filter trough – welded with an overflow trench for ensuring constant level of suspension.

Distributive head – cast or welded (can be gummed), with unions for branch of a filtrate from zones of filtering and drying, and also for a pulse otduvka of a deposit and regeneration of fabric. All filters have two distributive heads.

The filter drive besstupenchaty, provides the range of regulation of frequency of rotation of a shaft with disks 1 … 10.


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