«Management company Prommashtechnologia, Ltd» - engineering machine-building company. 

The developer and producer of modern high-tech industrial equipment.       


 Prommashtekhnologiya makes horizontal frame, chamber and membrane filter presses with the top or side suspension bracket of filtering plates, and also filter presses of special designs and spare parts.





Filter presses are applied in processes of filtering of liquid heterogeneous systems (suspensions, slimes, pulps) in various industries and municipal services:

  • Aluminous production: filtering of red slime;
  • Nonferrous metallurgy: dehydration of pulps of copper, zinc, lead and other concentrates of ores of non-ferrous metals; thin purification of solutions of electrolytes; dehydration of drains of metallurgical productions;
  • Ferrous metallurgy: dehydration of iron ore concentrates; dehydration of the neutralized drains of etching offices; dehydration of slimes of wet gas purification of metallurgical furnaces;
  • Химическая промышленность: фильтрование и тщательная промывка осадков в производствах двуокиси титана, марганцевых соединений, соды, белой сажи и других веществ; тонкая очистка растворителей и прядильных растворов в производствах искусственных волокон (нитрон, вискоза, ПВХ и др.);
  • Coal industry: filtering of coal suspensions and not enriched coal slimes;
  • Dyes and their semi-products: filtering and careful washing of rainfall of organic pigments;
  • Power: dehydration of blowing-off waters of clarifiers and drains after an obmyvka of regenerative airheaters of combined heat and power plant; dehydration of the neutralized drains after regeneration of ion-exchange filters; dehydration of ash-bearing drains of combined heat and power plant;
  • Cement industry: dehydration of raw slimes;
  • Production of a kaolin, porcelain, faience: filtering and pressing of rainfall of the condensed clay suspensions;
  • Catalysts and zeolites: filtering and careful washing of a deposit;
  • Sugar industry: filtering of juice of the 1st saturation; filtering of the condensed juice of the 1st saturation when processing beet and raw sugar;
  • Production of juice, drinks, winemaking: thin purification of juice, wines and beer; dehydration of barmy rainfall of winemaking;
  • Sewage treatment of the industrial enterprises: dehydration of the condensed rainfall of treatment facilities;
  • Municipal services: dehydration of municipal drains; dehydration of rainfall of water treatment facilities.